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History of Babylon 5

´╗┐Melissa Ann Shepard was charged last year after Fred Weeks fell ill during the couple's honeymoon.

The court heard that Adidas Shoes Malaysia Shepard slipped tranquillisers into her 76 year old husband's coffee. He was Adidas Shoes For Men Fashion,Adidas Shoes 3d Model,Adidas Shoes Men Casual taken to hospital but survived. Shepard had been convicted of manslaughter in 1992 after the death of her second husband, Gordon Stewart, whom she drugged and Adidas Shoes For Men Casual Neo ran over twice with a car.

In 2005, Shepard who has gone by several other surnames was sentenced to five years in prison on seven counts for theft from a man in Florida who she had Adidas Shoes Girls 2016 met online.

Alex Strategos, now 81, said she stole $20,000 (12,600) from him over the month that they lived together.

In his ruling on Tuesday, Judge Joseph Kennedy agreed with the prosecution's argument for a 3.5 year prison term, less Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops Black And White,Adidas Shoes Light Blue,Adidas Shoes Pics With Price time served, saying Shepard's criminal past was relevant